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Visit faerwear on Instagram or Facebook

faerwear on Instagram, faerwear leather earrings, leather feather earrings | Photo by Isabella Kramer on Unsplash | upcycled leather jewelry | faerwear

I’m taking a break here, but faerwear on Instagram and Facebook continues ūüôā

Greetings! My online store here at is now closed for the time being. I’m in school with a full-time course load and need to stay focused on that, and don’t have time to maintain this website. I can’t stay away entirely though, or can I ever stop making things, so faerwear on Instagram lives.

I’ll still be posting purchasable items to my Instagram account¬†as well as my Facebook page¬†periodically.

Join the mailing list if you’d like announcements. I still have a small amount of readymade stock, as well – please contact me if you are interested in a trunk show or wholesale purchase.

If you’re looking for my free knitting patterns, peep here.


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