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Shop Update Coming Soon!

Photo by Will O on Unsplash | sustainable, ethical jewelry | upcycled leather jewelry | boho feather jewelry | faerwear

My Valentine’s sale, a local event, went um, better than expected – like, “sold almost everything” better – so, there will be a bit of a longer delay in getting the spring collection out – but we have time!

Join the mailing list if you want to be notified when that happens – I’ll be sending out a coupon to go with it!

I recently moved my studio out of my tiny little cabin and into an actual workshop/showroom spot in downtown Mt. Shasta, California. Very exciting!

Tell me, too, what colors would you love to see for the spring collection? I’m pretty sure I’ve got them.

Locals can buy electronic gift cards and recipients redeem them at any event or at my studio 🙂 I’m working on an online solution for this too!

And I’ve still got some cute designs in stock from this winter’s release. There’s been a lot of new integration between WordPress, Woocommerce, Square, and Mailchimp, too, which is great – please let me know if you run into any sort of clunkiness with the checkout process as I switch from Paypal to Square. These new integrations are, behind the scenes, giving me a lot less to manage and making everything much more streamlined. Give thanks! And as always, transactions are encrypted and secure.

FINALLY, if you came here looking for the “Ryan” knitting pattern – it’s back! Thanks to a wonderful Ravelry user I was able to retrieve the copy I’d lost when I moved this site.


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