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it’s our (quiet soft launch) birthday!

Mexican Jade earrings with brown suede leather feathers | faerwear
Agate Earrings with Pale Green and Cream Suede, Orange Jade and Freshwater Pearls | faerwear
Agate Earrings with Pale Green and Cream Suede, Orange Jade and Freshwater Pearls

This morning, I quietly made this site live!

My partner and I have been working on this site for several months, and faerwear 1.0 is now fully functional – as a blog, as an online catalog, and as a totally secure way to purchase my enchantments. There are definitely some things we’ll be picking at behind the scenes, but for now, here we are, softly launching.

Please let me know what you think! Leave comments, suggestions, etc. here, or send an email.


There are also some treats built in just for you! Sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll receive a 10% off coupon you can use whenever you wish. I am not a huge fan of spammy email sales pitches, myself – and you can rest assured you’re not going to receive a sales email full of exclamation marks from me every other day – but when I do send out a newsletter, it will be full of fun and inspiration, I can promise you that much.

If it’s your FIRST faerwear purchase, EVER, then sign up for my newsletter and put that coupon aside for a later date, because here’s another 10% off coupon you can use on your first purchase – when checking out, use coupon code “myfirstfw” to receive an immediate 10% off, right away. You can only use this coupon once, but you can feel free to share it with friends and family.

Free local pickup, US and international shipping!

There are also some SHIPPING goodies! IF you are local to me, you have the option of selecting a free local pick-up or delivery when you check out. And if you live in the US, during my site launch I am continuing my free shipping offer. This offer is available through November 10th, 2016 (I figure some of us will probably want some shopping therapy after this election business is over) and after that, shipping will be a low flat rate. I now offer international shipping as well 🙂

Got questions?

There’s an FAQ that should answer most questions you might have, but if not, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

<3 <3 <3

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