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Overnight expansion – now offering vegan accessories!

Vegan Teal Ultrasuede Seraphim Wing Earrings with Coconut and Gems | faerwear

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it’s funny how things work…

I never intended to make “vegan accessories” a thing, but I received a call yesterday from a local family that oversees estate sales. they keep a list of requests, and since i’m always on the lookout for uniquely-colored leather and suede items, when the lady found a few two piece ladies’ suits in colors like three shades of teal and a vibrant purple, she was sure she’d landed on what i’d think was a gold mine.

Needless to say I was all about it, so I showed up the next morning at the estate sale. She proudly handed me a large plastic bag with the aforementioned suits inside – and that’s when I discovered they weren’t suede. They were ultrasuede.

what’s ultrasuede?

In short, ultrasuede is a polyester that has a suede-like look and feel, except that you can wash or dry clean it, and instead of being the skin of an animal, it’s, well, a petroleum-based product.

For someone like me, a synthetic, plastic material derived from petroleum products is enough to make me run in the opposite direction.  These things have have a shelf life of… forever, pretty much, and when it comes to a dead granny’s vintage ultrasuede suits, trust me – no one’s gonna wear these things unless they’ve been upcycled, and so… here we are. I’m strict about only using recycled leather or ultrasuede, and in doing so, keeping it out of a landfill. Plus, I’ve now got twice the fun when it comes to hunting stuff down I can reuse, and I’m thrilled to add it into the mix.

how vegan is my vegan stuff?

I personally am not a vegan, and as such it means that i recycle a lot of leather, and I often use bone, pearl, shell and other animal-derived products – but when i say something here is vegan, it means there are no animal products whatsoever – no leather or suede, bone, shell, pearl, or otherwise.

will you offer other colors?

i absolutely will – whenever I can find stuff to recycle! Stay posted. Join the mailing list!

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