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now taking wholesale applications

Vegan Light Blue Ultrasuede Seraphim Wing Earrings with Czech and Austrian Crystal | faerwear

everything always seems to take a little longer when you DIY – and i do it all (I do have a little help with photography here and there, but mostly I’m the webmaster, the social media manager, the content creator, and the maker).

i’ve been working on building wholesale purchasing capabilities into the website, and i’m so close to being done now – all that remains really is going through the items available for wholesale purchase and pricing them accordingly.

are you interested in a wholesale account? right now this is for US-based, brick-and-mortar boutiques only who have a valid reseller license/tax ID – so if that’s you, here’s the application.

it speeds up the application process if you already have an account here (using the email address you use to order and purchase) – with that set up, all I have to do upon approval is grant you that special power-buying access.

From now on I’m going to be putting out sets of designs in “releases” – this way I can simply dedicate a day to all the online stuff instead of time daily taken to add a single listing. Signing onto the mailing list will give you what is probably the most assured heads-up as to when those releases happening (you can also find those updates on Instagram and my Facebook page, although hacking those funky algorithms means you may or may not see them without making the actual effort to check in).

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