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New Year crafting – slowing down, rooting down, hibernating…

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“Holiday” season for me, like many, is pretty much always accompanied by a bit of anxiety. In my world it’s lots of social media, lots of hauling things places and vending and lots of late nights furiously creating as much stock as I can – and while that’s always exciting since I get to see my creations appreciated and I can pay the rent, it’s also quite stressful for someone who mostly enjoys hiding away in a cabin in the woods, making stuff and chillin’ out with a five year old, a dog and a cat. January is simultaneously a bit of a hardship for a lot of self-employed crafty people, as well as a welcome chance to wind down and relax. I also dealt with a household of flu (minor epidemic happening in the region), and once we all emerged from that, things started getting done.

Yes, things. Above are some things… One is the basic preliminary design for a new necklace concept – this one is recycled deerskin and deerskin lace, which will be embellished with other things – probably more than likely one of the first designs will be using some of the turquoise from the other picture above.

That was a gift, y’all. Yep, truly. Someone sent me a couple of pounds of turquoise – some of it nuggets to wrap, some of it beads.

There were other things in that box, too – like that 10-pack of Noro Silk Garden.

Friends, I have never owned a ten-pack of yarn before, but now i’ve got a few of them. This stuff is actually the legacy of my friend’s mother, who passed on and left behind skeins and skeins and skeins of yarn, some of it just incredibly marvelous and piles of which are being sent to me (along with the aforementioned turquoise, a tabletop loom, and several really amazing children’s books). I’m in awe and in complete gratitude. I’ve actually never even purchased a skein of Noro before, because you tend to need more than one for things, and it’s not all that cheap – and to be honest, I’m having to trust the legions of knitters who’ve gone before me in that this yarn softens up and “blooms”, as they say, once you block it.

I’m so enthralled, I’m working on a new knitting pattern for sale – something I haven’t done in about six years (and that basically came about because once I decided what I was going to do with these ten skeins of yarn, after three and a half hours on Ravelry, I simply could not find what I was looking for). All I’m going to say about it at the moment is that it’s in the round, it’s a fast and easy knit using US9 needles (my favorite size), and it involves some short rows for some really interesting shaping (oh and also: I know how to do short rows, and I know it’s the technique I’ll need to use – but it’s going to be super fun figuring out exactly how to implement that, for sure).

This is what January is about for me: creativity without so much need for commercial viability. What happens in January opens up worlds so that by spring I’ve got some new things to share.


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