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I’ve lost mine!

I am hoping it comes back soon, but I haven’t been really inspired to make anything for a couple of months.

I will be set up at the Trinity Tribal Gathering next weekend with the stock I do have, however, and i’ll be donating 25% of every sale to Run4Salmon 2017.

I do have some brilliant ideas, but they require some tools I don’t yet have. Recently I discovered something that would allow me to make what I want to make in about a 10th of the time an older version of this tool would allow, and I’m waiting to see if it will be in my hands in the next month or so ( in which case, my maker mojo will have returned hardcore, and i’ll be putting out some totally new thing). Otherwise, I’m just going to need to stare at what I have and hope another binge on Reign will get me flowing again.


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