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Mailing List subscriber sales

February Mailing List Subscriber Sale

Changes are afoot once again. During my hiatus I’ve been scribbling away in my sketchbook and thinking about how I want to keep this going, because things are happening very abundantly in several directions in my life right now – joyously including this one!

I’ve been receiving inquiries from a number of boutiques to carry faerwear, and to do that, I’ll need to adjust my pricing.

My greatest support thus far has come from many friends and family spread around the world – and I’d love to keep being able to offer an affordable price point, so here’s how it’s gonna go down these days.

95% of my current designs will remain at current price (or go on sale!). Many are being phased out for good.

I’m moving to a “release” method of adding items to my website, meaning I’ll be releasing series of designs all at once instead of adding a couple every few days or so – I’m doing this mostly because it will still allow me to take phone snaps to post to Instagram and elsewhere while I take much better, more professional shots for the website (including ones on actual human beings – woohoo!)

Behind the scenes, I’m building in options for those with wholesale purchasing capabilities to make use of that during these releases so everyone shops from the same catalog and inventory. In addition, for all members of my mailing list (which you can sign up for right here), I’ll be sending out coupons at random for nice, fat discounts – this enables that amazing “customer base” i’ve already built to have the chance to shop at prices they are used to. The image above is from the most recent mailing. That was fun!

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