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(Going) Back To School Sale

faerwear going back to school | upcycled leather jewelry | faerwear

Friends, Romans and gorgeous women, lend me your ears:

I’ve decided to go back to school, and I am going full-time. I’m not going to have a lot of time to manage this website for the foreseeable future, so I’m going to close the shop. I have some free knitting patterns, etc., that live here, so I won’t be taking down the entire site, just disabling the e-commerce portion as photographing, listing, SEO, social media, etc. is really time-consuming, and my focus is about to be better spent on statistics, multicultural communication, social psychology and humanities.

For the moment, however, use the code “GETSMART” for 25% off all earrings. Use this coupon as many times as you wish until 8/31/2018, share with your friends, whatever.

Thanks in advance for helping me pay my college expenses!

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