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Gearing up for the holiday season

Raw ruby earrings with turquoise and pearls | Nymph cut, ethically sourced, repurposed leather jewelry | faerwear

Yeah, i “do it all” – and this is just a side gig, lol… This is my crafty passion, this jewelry line, and it complements, nicely, the content business that pays my bills. I spend hours staring at a screen every day, so coming home to make things is, well, yeah… it balances things out.

I enjoy watching period pieces with cool costumery that inspire me as I create, and I really love vending at craft and trunk shows – but quite honestly, this whole website business… it’s tedious and complicated and if it weren’t just a hobby I’d hire someone else entirely to deal with it all, lol.

Anyway! now that my whinging is over, I simply meant to mention that my fall collection is slowly going live with a new cut I’m calling the “nymph” – it’s an evolution from previous cuts that is turning out to be my most popular yet (how do I know this? Well, yeah, I’ve been making and selling far faster than I can ever get them up here on the website).

Your best bet for catching new designs timely, at least for now, is to hit me up on Instagram. I post new designs there generally right after they’re made. Because the listing process is so tedious I’m seriously debating whether I’ll continue using Etsy at all, or whether I’ll make use of the Amazon Handmade account I was accepted for.

So to recap, check out the growing catalog in the Fall 2017 collection – but your best bet on getting first dibs is following faerwear on Instagram!


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