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faerwear spring 2018, now also shipping to Canada!

faerwear Spring 2018 | Photo by Melissa Chabot on Unsplash | enchanted adornments for lovers of the natural world | faerwear

The faerwear Spring 2018 collection is live, and growing!

I’ve brought back some favorite designs and I’m listing some new ones you haven’t seen before (unless you follow me on Instagram). Check out the faerwear spring 2018 collection here!

I’ve also been doing a lot of fun (for me, anyway) techie stuff in the background – I won’t bore you with two many details, but there are some growing results of this:

  1. I now ship to Canada! Thanks to some direct connection with the United States Postal Service, shipping rates to Canada are now automatically calculated when you check out. As I’m sure most of you Canadians already know, relationships with the United States never come cheap, but I’ve made sure that you’re offered up a selection of shipping options so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.
  2. Vending season is nearly upon us, and I’ll have some regular, monthly appearances all spring, summer and fall – my inventory is integrated with my website, however, so when I sell something in person, it disappears here – so if you see something you like, better grab it.
  3. I’m working on gift certificates you can use on this site. For now, locals (Mt. Shasta, California area) can buy gift certificates through Square, and the recipient can come to any of my live events, or my studio, to pick out their own pair! My biggest supporters have always been my local community, so I’m glad I can, for the moment, at least offer this!
  4. Finally, get on the mailing list if you’re not already – I’m about to send out a spring coupon!
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