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faerwear: Frequently Asked Questions (all about everything)

Hopefully I've answered all your questions here, but if not, feel free to contact me here. I prefer you use the contact form, but if for some reason this is impossible, faerwear has a Google Voice mailbox at (530) 918-3630. If you call this and leave a message, I even get notification on my personal mobile.

I return emails and voice messages within 1 business day.

heck yeah. look up at your browser’s address bar. See that “https://”? That “s” stands for, more or less, “secure” – and it means I’ve got something called an “SSL certicate” installed like any e-commerce site should, and that you can feel safe making credit and debit card transactions here. My SSL certificate was issued through Comodo, with the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Also, I won’t be sharing any of your info with anyone – not your contact information, your purchases, nada. The information requested when you check out is simply to make sure there’s always a way to contact you should there be an issue with your order.

Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover as well as PayPal and PayPal Credit are accepted here. Sales tax of 7.25% will apply to all California residents. I will be implementing more options for International customers in the near future.

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I list my designs in batches ("releases"), and in limited quantities; this keeps things fresh for everyone, including me, and makes the best use of what could be a finite source of materials.

The best way to stay notified about out of stock items is to create a wishlist and add out of stock items to it. Their status will be reflected on your wishlist, and automatically updated should their status change.

All the leather, suede and ultrasuede I use is as sustainably sourced as it gets: it gets given to me, and i dig it out of piles, thrift stores, estate, garage and yard sales.

All of the silver and 14k gold-filled wire I use is made from sustainable materials that are recycled/recovered or made from renewable resources.

At present, the gemstone beads I have were gifted to me or are from my long-standing collection, and I have no idea of their ethical history though I know that many of the ones I bought myself years ago, which came mostly from New York's jewelry district, were imported from India, and working conditions there aren't always as nice as I'd want them to be now that I know better. I'm on the hunt for ethically-sourced (from the mining to the stringing) gemstone beads. Please do get in touch if you've got a lead on this for me!

I buy my wood, shell, coconut, horn and bone beads from a small, family-owned business that sources and creates most of their own products and provides background information on all of them.

If you’re vegan, well, consider this: i’m completely aware that the world of animal-based products can be a cruel one, and the leather and suede I use in my work is one stop from a landfill. It is my endeavor in reusing these old leather clothes and purses to create something beautiful, and framing the faces of goddesses is one small way to say thank you and offer some final respect to the animals who literally gave the skin off their backs for fashion.

If that still doesn’t sit well with you, well guess what? I just started making vegan offerings, made with recycled ultrasuede. Ultrasuede is a polyester fabric that looks and feels a lot like suede, but is a synthetic. Like most plastics/petroleum-based products, it has a shelf life of centuries – so I’m thrilled that I’ve started finding old ultrasuede items that I can reuse to make beautiful earrings! It’s actually a lot of fun to work with, and I’ll be mixing and matching it with other earrings too – but anything that says “vegan” here means it’s purely not made of anything animal (that also means it won’t have any bone, shell or horn beads, either).

I make my things for all women who seek to invoke a little wildness, a bit of woodland faery and warrior queen in themselves, and women from all walks of life are wearing them – they’re adorning everyone from young women having coming of age ceremonies to bookkeeping grandmas at our local small town newspaper.

You're in good company then. So do I!

That's why all my designs feature hoops. When i want to wear "normal" earrings, I wear gauged ear "tunnels" and then wear my earrings threaded through the tunnel.

My standard hoop design is created from 20 gauge wire and clasps, so they're secure in gauge tunnels as well as standard ear piercings.

My "primitive" designs (noted as such) are generally 18g or thicker and do not clasp, they simply thread (or hang) through your piercing. They're called "primitive" designs because I modeled them after some ancient earrings - so it's a tried and true design, but if you're the type of person who is prone to losing an earring (I do have these friends), wear at your own discretion or secure them on the back.

I use Argentium silver to make my hoops. It has a slightly higher silver content than sterling silver and tends to tarnish a little less, but there are people who have sensitivities to silver, so I offer a 14k gold-filled option as well – it costs a bit more (because, you know, gold) but basically is a hollow tube of gold filled with a lesser metal. Unlike gold “plated”, this will not flake off and many people with silver sensitivities can get away with it. I’d offer a full gold option, but in all seriousness, these days they sell that stuff by the inch and it often costs more for six inches of 14k gold wire than it does for a pair of my earrings.

It should not! Most of the hoops I make from brass and copper are coated in a special sealant that keeps these metals from changing color or  turning your lobes green and will be noted as such (I'd still avoid if you have metal sensitivities, however - i cannot guarantee that the sealant will protect you from an allergic reaction, just discoloration).

While brass and copper don't cost as much as silver or gold-filled wire, the preparation and application process for this sealant is time-consuming and requires extra effort.

do offer some unsealed brass and copper designs - I would suggest that only those who plan to wear them through gauged ear tunnels purchase these unless you have worn brass or copper before and had no issues. I am not liable for anything that might happen otherwise.


I don’t offer gift-wrapping at this time, sorry. This could change at a later date, but at the moment I don’t have the time or resources to do so. Many of my earrings are too long for standard jewelry gift boxes, and I'm looking into "necklace" boxes. I'd prefer to use gift packaging made from recycled materials and at this time, I haven't yet found a suitable source that is affordable for all of us.

I ship in little bubble-wrap packages to keep things flat, light and inexpensive - I wish I had a better alternative but right now, those are waterproof, plastic mailers to insure your items arrive safely. In the US they’re sent out USPS First Class mail. International packages are generally sent out USPS First Class International. USPS First Class seems pretty fast – i’ve had first class mail arrive in Pennsylvania after two days (I ship from rural northern California – so yeah, that’s fast). I cannot guarantee, at all, how long an international shipment will take to arrive, unfortunately. Orders, unless they are orders “on backorder”, generally go out the following morning from when they are placed.

Free delivery/local pick-up is available, too - the billing address you check out with needs to be local to Mount Shasta, Weed, or Dunsmuir, California in order for you to select this option.

California residents are charged 7.5% sales tax.

Additional information may be found in Shipping and Collections.

I’m a really busy working mom, and being crafty is my “let loose” sanity check. I like feeling free when I sit down at the bench, and often “custom orders” means “will you make exactly what I say?” In that case, no, sorry. What i do love is being inspired by someone, or entertaining ideas – so if you’ve got a concept like “I really like that cream and green together, and I love turquoise, come up with something for me” or “here is a photo of my wife, and she really loves purple. Would you make a pair that would look amazing on her?” send it my way.

My earrings are made of thin leather which has been cut into very delicate fringe with really sharp scissors. I’m pretty skilled at what I do, but every once in a while things happen. If my handwork breaks on you without any effort on your part, I will repair it one time for free. If your toddler pulls it apart, you drop it and walk on it in the mud or drive over it in your car or something, I’m also happy to help, and we can determine the cost of that. Contact me if you need a repair.

If you’ve lost an earring, of course the cost of replacing it is half the cost of a pair of earrings (i like keeping things simple) plus shipping. Please keep in mind that since most of my designs are limited or one-of-a-kind, I may or may not actually be able to make you another one. You’ll want to contact me first.

I currently sell earrings and hair accessories, which, due to hygiene concerns, really aren’t candidates for return, although very periodically, there are circumstances that obviously mean a purchaser had no opportunity to wear the item in question (tragedy, mail loss resulting in an untimely arrival when purchased for a special occasion, etc.). Please contact me if this fits your situation to initiate a return. Buyer pays return shipping, and there is a 15% restocking fee on any accepted returns.

If you order "in stock" items, they are generally packaged and shipped by the next morning; backordered items, within 3-5 days of order placement. If you've received a shipping notification, it's too late to cancel, and you'll have to return the item but if not, please contact me and I will cancel the order with full refund - please be sure to include your order number. Refunds are automatically returned to whichever method was used to make payment.

Additional information may be found in Repairs, Returns and Refunds and Billing Terms and Conditions.

I use natural light and a very moderate color-correction filter on my photographs (as well as a vignette filter because i like that old antique-y look) – and of course, through all the screens i work on, i try and make sure the colors are as close to reality as i can; however: we live in a world of screens now, and no two are calibrated exactly the same.

Some of my designs are one of a kind, and most are “limited quantity” – I can’t ever guarantee that I can find another identical source of material once one is gone, so I create "batches" of designs which are offered in "releases". Each release features a limited quantity of each design. I am in the process of adding wholesale purchasing capabilities to my website, and both retail and wholesale customers will be able to shop the same catalog, each with a fair opportunity to purchase these limited designs. If you're a shop owner who's interested in carrying some of my stuff, apply here! If you're a retail customer, sign up for my mailing list - you'll enjoy the discount coupons I send out to my mailing list members!

I also really enjoy doing pop-ups or trunk shows - so if that sounds good to you, let's talk about that! You can also sign up for my newsletter, and if i’m going to be anywhere in person, i'll mention it with plenty of notice 🙂

I also have a limited selection offered on Jewel and Lotus, an online ethical marketplace of awesomeness. They are absolute darlings with a beautiful catalog of goods ethically produced all over the world.