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faerwear necklaces! tassels and more…

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I’ve been taking a little creative hiatus because my other job has had me heavily occupied (and it’s SUCH a great project!) – by the time I finish staring at a screen all day, all I’ve wanted to do, really, is curl up in my papa-san with some yarn (and bizarrely enough, a little more screen, lol – Netflix and Knit is totally a thing, although more recently for me (sorry Netflix) it’s been Amazon Prime and Knit – doesn’t have quite the same charm to it, but Amazon Prime is kind of winning for the moment and I only keep one account at a time).

I’ve been working on the first knitting pattern I’ve written in six years, the Seaweed Poncho. It’s an easy knit, a pullover poncho with a wide rolled neck and simple shaping (top down, knit in the round), with some interesting things happening at the end. I intend to use all 10 skeins of Noro Silk Garden that I was recently gifted, and I’ve got about three and a half to go. There isn’t a whole lot on a Noro skein tho, but i KNOW this would look equally good in another of my favorite basic yarns, Berocco Ultra Alpaca, which is what I knit my Morning Glory Hooded Cowl in. But at any rate, i’m so close to being done, and after that, I’ve got a jewelry itch to scratch again.

Boho Tassel Necklaces: recycled, handcut white deerskin leather tassel necklace with deerskin lacing and raw turquoise nugget.
Boho Tassel Necklaces: recycled, handcut white deerskin leather tassel necklace with deerskin lacing and raw turquoise nugget.

I’m also excited about my new necklaces, these handcut leather tassels! Each one is handcut, and each one is unique – I can reproduce the design concept, but I can’t reproduce a naturally wrapped stone, and whenever I wrap a stone that turns out differently too – so if you like what you see in a photo, nab it. I’m about to step out of my jewelry hiatus to make a few more of these and continue working with the concept, some different hardware, different colors and more. It’s no easy feat to hand-cut this! My cuts are far too delicate to use a rotary cutter, but I do have the process down.

This one is the first! It’s a raw turquoise nugget wrapped delicately in brass with deerskin tassel and lacing. This particular lacing was gifted to me, but I’m investigating sources right now, as well as tools to make my own lacing instead so I can keep everything within the ethics of reusing as much as possible.

I would not be adverse to sourcing my deerskin lace from someone provided I could source it from start to finish (I’m talking bow-hunted, self-butchered, feeding-the-family and brain-tanned) – that’s probably unlikely for the moment, so in the meantime, i’ve got a few ethical sources of new lace that I am considering. We’ll see how it goes.

Let me know what you think of these!


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