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Summer Swag

Summer Swag | Long Fringe Earrings | Long Feather Earrings | Upcycled Leather Jewelry | faerwear designs

Sometimes a person has too many ideas – that was definitely me, and I wasn’t sure which direction to head into for summer, so I ran a customer survey.

Wow, customer surveys are everything.

I asked people a variety of questions, and the results, so far, are this – for your summer swag, you’re requesting:

  • LONGER designs
  • A wider price range
  • More options for ears

Pictured is my latest design for summer – they are 8″ long hand-cut leather (upcycled, as always) fringe earrings with surgical steel ear hooks. They are totally weightless, and yes you can upgrade to handmade silver or 14k gold-filled hooks if you wish. I’m still trying to figure out how to photograph them for the website, but the joyous aspect of this is that they start at $25 a pair! I have an entire wall of leather I’ve recycled from old clothing and accessories – feel free to put in a request if you’d like a pair!

If you’d like to add input to the customer survey, it’s right here.

Happy summer!


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