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Cumplido: March 1 is World Compliment Day

You are absolutely amazing, a divine being full of light.

It has taken me two weeks longer than I’d hoped to get this new collection up, mostly because we’re still trying to dial in a photography process. I really want to be outside with these but it’s still very cold here, and windy, making it uncomfortable for all and kind of difficult to get pictures of these earrings in the wind. Honestly? I’m not the type to suffer for fashion.

So, instead of the Feast of Saint Valentine, I present to you Cumplido, a new set of limited edition designs available for both retail and wholesale.

This set includes a new cut with standard hoop style, “dryad wings“, as well as a new, tribal/primitive style geared more toward people with gauged ears who can wear them through tunnels, or for those with absolutely NO sensitivities to brass or copper. Currently these are not sealed with a sealant – I still work in a corner of my tiny little cabin with a family to consider, and sealant = fumes. The sealant will, however, make these feasible for those with standard ear piercings as well and keep them from turning skin green when worn through regular ear piercings.

But for now, these are made for the peeps with stretched lobes – they’ll work with 6 gauge tunnels or  larger.

Coinciding with this release is a big sale! Get in on that by joining the mailing list.



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