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Creative Evolution (Attempt #2)

Vegan Teal Ultrasuede Seraphim Wing Earrings with Coconut and Gems | faerwear

Gotta love it when your host restores your site and it gets messed up AF (and btw, have I mentioned how thrilled I am that “AF” has become mainstream acronym for, well, something I’ve always been fond of saying? I mean, peoples’ moms are now using “AF” after stuff, and I feel so free! I’m also someone’s mom, come to think of it).

Anyway, I’m really, really detail-oriented OCD about things, and I’m always adding new things, making minute “improvements” and such – so when my most recent site backup was from November 20th, I had a small meltdown, made a cup of coffee and after about two hours, i think everything has been recovered. If you have any trouble with shipping options when checking out now, PLEASE let me know. I spent an entire afternoon having friends test some changes for me on regarding shipping options (cool things like auto-detect and automatic calculation), and finally had that resolved. Unfortunately it’s actually such a confusing thing to set up that I’m hoping, hoping, that everything I’d implemented last week has been re-implemented the same way.

Yeah, that’s right. I built this website mostly all on my own, with some design help from my wife.

If you noticed any weirdness, like my site being down MOST of an entire day last week, or a lack of an FAQ (thank you Google cache, because the way that is set up, i would have had to rewrite the whole thing if it weren’t for you), that’s why. If you set up an account after 11/20/2016, however, it’s probably gone, along with your wishlist, and I’m really, really sorry about that, too.

Guess who’s now backing up her site¬†daily now since she picks at it so much? Live and learn!

Things are selling fast, lots is now out of stock, and I’m also phasing out a few things as the last of of certain things sell off at markets, trunk shows, and here on the website. As final iterations of those items sell, I will be removing them from the website entirely. I’m hoping that in January after the frenzy of holiday has happened, I will be able to take a second to start working on some new designs and concepts, so this is how I am making that space.

Once again, my deepest apologies if you suffered any inconvenience from the site outage this past week.

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