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Happy Holidays from faerwear!

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Season’s Greetings!!!!

I have one final event left for the holiday season, and I’ve just sent another small batch of stock to the beautiful Animal.Plant.Mineral boutique in Portland, Oregon.

It has been a very intense 2018 for so many of us. Here in northern California, thousands of people lost their homes and their belongings this year with all the wildfires. In light of that, things like earrings don’t always mean so much, but sometimes, they mean a little something.

I’m donating a portion of my holiday sales this year to Camp Fire assistance, and I’d like to send a pair of earrings to a woman who lost everything in the Camp Fire. I know it’s not a big deal but when you’ve lost all your stuff, your home, your roots, sometimes the tiniest gesture, sometimes a little pair of earrings to give you a little lift, well, yeah… It’s a little something. 

If you know a woman who could use a little extra sparkle, get in touch