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Life happens.

I graduated from college, bought a home, am fixing it up, working, and working on some new things.

When I get my studio finished, I look forward to making some new things, but yes indeed, it has been a while since I’ve been here.

As noted in the post below (2018!) this site is host to a few knitting patterns that people still come here to find, and eventually I’ll have new creative endeavors to post here, too.

For now, if you like electronic music, I picked up a new hobby while I was in school.

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Visit faerwear on Instagram or Facebook

faerwear on Instagram, faerwear leather earrings, leather feather earrings | Photo by Isabella Kramer on Unsplash | upcycled leather jewelry | faerwear

I’m taking a break here, but faerwear on Instagram and Facebook continues 🙂

Greetings! My online store here at is now closed for the time being. I’m a full-time student, single mom and a busy freelancer and I simply don’t have time to manage this website right now.

I’ll still be posting purchasable items to Instagram and Facebook, where new stockists and upcoming events are also listed.

Join the mailing list if you’d like announcements. Please contact me if you are interested in a trunk show or wholesale purchase. Also – I recently switched hosting, and unbeknownst to me, there was a glitch in my email setup – that has been remedied.

If you’re looking for my free knitting patterns, peep here.


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Easy and Gorgeous Alpaca Cowl instructions

Local, natural alpaca bliss in a brown like only the best chocolate

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This came from a local alpaca ranch – we actually have several of these within an hour’s radius, and we’ve mostly visited all of them (fun for kids, and alpaca poop is BOMB for your garden, and it doesn’t burn – so you can basically just sprinkle it around whenever you want and your plants and your soil will show almost-instant happiness).

Actually though, i found this one single skein in one of the local thrift shops. I couldn’t believe it, because a thirty dollar skein of yarn came home with me for $6.50, label and all, but so it did. One single skein, which hung out in my yarn stash until recently when I began busting for gifts.

I really only knit small things anymore – hats, small shawls and triangular scarves, fancy washcloths – and I whipped this up as a gift. I of course tried it on, and it’s pretty dang sexy.

SUPER simple instructions here:

You’ll need one 220-yard skein of something luxurious in a heavy fingering/sock weight, or double two laceweights (which is pretty much what this was, handspun two-ply) and some US10 needles (I use a 16″ circular because it’s easy transport for me). You really do need something with a propensity for drape – alpaca, silk blends, etc.

Cast on 84 stitches and join for knitting in the round. Purl a row, and then knit for 12-18 inches (if you want to be able to pull this up over your head and ears, knit at least 18-24 inches). You’ll have some curl (quite a bit at the beginning) because it’s straight stockinette but eventually the weight of the fabric will pull most of it out and the rest of it just looks and feels nice. Cast off in purl and block.